Where It All Began

Right out of grad school in 2001, Mark and I both landed positions conducting research and consulting for senior living companies.  We quickly learned a few things about ourselves and our work that would shape the core values of our future business.  One, that we are passionate about quality of life for seniors and believe strongly that it begins with caring and responsive staff members who love and are recognized for what they do.  Two, that conducting effective research for business is about giving executives immediate insight and clear opportunities to act to improve their business.  In the case of senior living, it’s about finding ways to delight and retain community residents and staff to ultimately attain out of this world occupancy, positive word of mouth, and referrals.

Sensight Core Values

  1. Seniors should be able to live a uniquely awesome life.
  2. Happy employees = Great customer service = Happy customers.
  3. Data should be easy to understand.  In fact, it should tell a story.
  4. Research should be insightful, provide clear opportunities to act, and should be used as a business improvement tool rather than dust collector.

Meet The Team

Lynn Ackerman, Ph.D.
Lynn Ackerman, Ph.D.Co-founder and Chief Customer Officer
Lynn Ackerman is Sensight’s Chief Customer Officer.  She has a doctoral degree in Experimental Psychology with self-proclaimed concentrations in data storytelling and exceptional customer service.   Dr. Ackerman got her feet wet learning how to delight and retain senior living residents and staff as senior market research analyst for Alterra Healthcare Corporation, which was acquired by Brookdale Senior Living in 2005.  If you call Sensight Surveys, Lynn will answer the phone and wow you with amazing customer service and ideas for making improvements that matter.

Mark Ackerman, M.A.
Mark Ackerman, M.A.Co-founder and Chief Technology Officer
Mark Ackerman is Sensight’s Chief Technology Officer.  He has a masters degree in Clinical Psychology and B.A. in Computer Science.  Mark began his journey as a computer programmer for the insurance industry but left due to excessive yawning.  Life finally got exciting for Mark when he joined a senior healthcare research and consulting group.  If you call Sensight Surveys, Mark will definitely not answer the phone because, like most data geeks, he will be busy crunching numbers and programming awesome reports.

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